Family picnic

Climate change is already occurring and there is nothing possible to stop them: temperatures are rising, rainfall patterns are changing, glaciers and snow are melting, and global average sea levels are rising. In the future, the frequency and intensity of extreme weather and climate phenomena, as well as the related floods and droughts, will threaten many regions of the world.

Vulnerability to threats and the impact of these phenomena on ecosystems, individual sectors of the economy as well as human health and well-being are diverse. Even if global efforts to reduce emissions produce the intended results, some climate change is inevitable, and action must be taken to adapt to its effects. And especially on a local scale. The involved action is the implementation of the project in Radom called "Adaptation to climate change through sustainable management of water in the urban space of Radom" with the participation of EU funds - LIFE Program and national resources of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.
Within the framework of the project promotion and popularization of issues related to the effects of climate change, the need to reduce them and adapt to already irreversible weather extremes, we will organize family picnic on July 28, 2019 from 14.00 - 18.00 on the Borki reservoir at the Municipal Sports and Recreation Center in Radom at 53 Stasieckiego Street. The organizer is the Municipal Office in Radom in cooperation with project partners: Municipal Water Works in Radom, University of Lodz and FPP Enviro

We guarantee good fun and access to information on climate change, assumptions and activities of the LIFE project. Knowledge will be shared by professionals from the involved institutions - project partners. The attractions include workshops with competitions and interesting prizes, backyard games, trampolines, inflatables, board games. Everything with the music of the REDOX band from Radom.

We invite you to the Borki reservoir to spend a nice and useful Sunday.


On the 2-5 June 2019, 80 stream specialists from environmental departments of Danish municipalities took part in technical trip “Waterbodies in Poland - Study tour for Danish water stream specialists” to Poland. The trip was organized by Envina (Danish non-profit organization for public planning-, environmental, - and nature specialists). The goal of the trip was to exchange knowledge, experiences an know-how on river restoration, maintenance and monitoring, implementation of Water Framework Directive in Poland, climate adaption measures using water resources, and others.

As part of the visit, dr Iwona Wagner presented a talk on innovative urban water management projects developed and implemented in Poland, including LIFE EH-REK (Ecohydrological rehabilitation of recreational reservoirs “Arturówek” (Łódź) as a model approach to rehabilitation of urban reservoirs; LIFE PLUS, LIFE08 ENV/PL/000517) and LIFE-RADOMKLIMA-PL (Adaptation to climate change through sustainable management of water of the urban area in Radom City; LIFE14 CCA/PL/000101).

The guests have got acquainted with the climatic challenges in Poland, and the goals and objectives of the LIFE RadomKlima Project by the manager of the Project, Ms Katarzyna Jankowska. It is the first project in Poland, which in a systematic and comprehensive manner plans and implements climate adaptation measures.

The guests took part in a technical trip, and visited two locations of adaptation actions: the Borki Reservoir, where Mr Michał Zdybiewski from Municipal Waterworks in Radom presented the goals and advancement of implementation of the project; and Green Bus-Stop retaining stormwater, where Mr Lars Briggs and Mrs Iwona Wagner from FPP Enviro presented the performance of this small-scale BGI which since its implementation, in September 2018, has been demonstrating the new approach to inner city water in Radom.

On 22 March – World Water Day the fourth application round for Art Competition called „Effects of climate change” has been completed. The competetion was directed to Radom public primary and secondary schools students and referred to with the theme of water and climate change. This year there was a record number of 136 art works. Every year the main objective of the competition is to raise awareness and knowledge of the Radom young people on climate change, including becoming familiar with the project on "Adapting to climate change through sustainable management of water in the urban space Radom" co-financed by the LIFE programme and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Warsaw. We hope that such a significant increase of interest in this year's competition also means increased interest in matters of climate and the adaptation project implemented in Radom. Within a month after verification of all works in terms of the eligibility and compliance with the contest rules, the jury will select the winners in two categories. The winners will be informed and invited on the rewarding ceremony via their schools. This traditionally takes place at the beginning of June.