This interactive platform outlines the results of the document: Vulnerability Assessment the of the of Radom Urban Space to climate change, completed in 2016. The study was performed for the LIFE RADOMKLIMA project "Adaptation to climate change through sustainable management of water of the urban rea in Radom City" (LIFERADOMKLIMA-PL, LIFE14 CCA/PL/000101).


Four sectors were evaluated:

  1. Public Health,
  2. Spatial management,
  3. Transport,
  4. Water management.


The maps shared on interactive platform cover the following aspects:


  1. Exposure to climatic factors and their effects; Maps show the distribution of climatic factors and their effects in particular areas of the city (e.g. exposure to high temperatures, flooding);
    Scale: 0 - neutral conditions; 1 - obstructing conditions; 2 - restrictive conditions; 3 – preventing conditions for the sector functioning;

  2. Sensitivity - to the effects of climate change; Maps show the extent to which a particular area of the city or particular sector is not resistant to the adverse effects of climate change and its effects;
    Scale: 0 – lack of sensitivity; 1 – low sensitivity; 2 – average sensitivity; 3 – high sensitivity of the sector or the area of the city;

  3. Adaptation potential to climate change; Maps show the ability of individual areas of the city to adapt and operate in extreme climatic conditions. The project analyzed the adaptive potential resulting from the presence of blue-green infrastructure;
    Scale: 3 – high adaptive potential; 2 – average adaptive potential; 1 – low adaptive potential; 0 – lack of adaptation potential of the city area to the climate change;

  4. Vulnerability to climate change and its effects: Maps show the extent to which a particular sector or city area is unable to cope with the adverse effects of climate change, even after taking into account adaptation potential;
    Scale: 0 - no vulnerability; 1 - low vulnerability; 2 – average vulnerability; 3 – high vulnerability of the sector or city area to climate change and its effects;


The maps show the results of the assessment for the whole city and particular housing quarters of the City of Radom.

By searching for the right map, you can see how climate change affects the quality of life in your area.

The results obtained may be a decision support tool for deciding on city planning, investments, and the implementation of adaptation actions to help the city to adapt to extreme climatic conditions.