Adaptation of the floodplain on Potok Północny into a multifunctional area

Objectives of the task:

- adaptation of the floodplain on Potok Północny into a multifunctional area to improve water quality, increase biodiversity, adapt to climate change and create social and educational functions,

- easing the extreme flows of water flowing into the center of Radom via the Potok Północny River by constructing a flood protection reservoir with an area of ​​approx. 2 ha,

- creating a habitat for animals, including various species of amphibians and birds,

- improving the quality of life of local residents.


- the bowl of the tank with the causeway,

- a river inlet structure adapted to the location of the N-S route designed in this place and the constructed railway route No. 8,

- an outlet, damming and discharge structure enabling the regulation of the water level in the tank,

- meandering of the Potok Północny bed in the basin of the reservoir,

- numerous stagnant zones in the reservoir to increase biodiversity and create habitats,

- a sedimentation and flotation zone at the inflow of the river to the reservoir to strengthen the sedimentation process of pollutants and biofiltration zones to increase the self-purification capacity of waters.


Potok Północny before adaptation