New plantings of trees and shrubs as part of the LIFE project

As part of the project LIFE14 CCA / PL / 000101, following the process of planting trees and shrubs in the city of Radom, which started last year, we are continuing the action this year. We have planned to plant 463 trees in total. 133 trees and 141 shrubs will be planted by Radom Municipal Services Company in Radom educational institutions (kindergartens, primary and secondary schools), 50 trees will be added to Kościuszko Park and the area of ​​Radom Housing Cooperative. In addition, 280 large rooted seedlings will be given to the residents of Radom during various information and promotional events of the LIFE project to plant "in their backyards", at the same time encouraging the residents of Radom to support this action on their own and to plant as many trees as possible on their properties.

The first distribution of seedlings will take place on March 26, 2022 during the "Compost, its inhabitants and the bomb - composting workshops" organized by the "Amphitheater" Culture Center and the Department of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, during which the residents of Radom will receive 50 pieces of tree seedlings to be planted after the recipients have indicated the place where they are supposed to be planted. All trees planted in the city and distributed to residents, as in the case of last year's campaign, will be registered in the tree database on the Radomskie Drzewa website ( with information about the location and the source of funding from the LIFE project.

Without plants, there would be no life on our planet. It is thanks to them that we have enough air to breathe. Only they can carry out the magical process of photosynthesis. The role of trees is particularly important as they produce the greatest amounts of oxygen and absorb the most carbon dioxide! The more trees in our and more distant surroundings - the better for our quality of life.